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2008-2011: Minutes and Meetings

Steering Committee 2008-2011



President: Catherine E. Clifford (CTSA / Canada)

Vice-Presidents: Jan Jans (ESCT / Nehterlands) and Afonso Suares (SOTER / Brasil)


  1. Minutes of INSeCT Business Meeting June 2011 revised

  2. INSeCT Business meeting docs 2011

  3. Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting, Cleveland, Ohio June 10, 2010

  4. Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland 20 August 2009

Steering Committee Meeting

  1. 2009 in Limerick (hosted by ESCT)

  2. 2010 in Cinncinati (hosted by CTSA)

Network Council Meeting

  1. 2011 in Chicago (hosted by CTSA)

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