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International Colloquium: The Changing Face of Global Catholicism: Implications for Theology and Theological Education

INSeCT (International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology)

De Paul University, Chicago June 14-16, 2011

International Colloquium 2008

The Second Triennial Colloquium of INSeCT was hosted by DePaul University, Chicago from June 19-21. Twenty-six representatives of member societies from six continents and twenty countries were able to attend. The topic for this colloquium had been decided following a broad consultation of member societies where globalization was frequently identified as one of the signs of the times, including questions relating to intercultural relations, the migration of peoples, fundamentalism and relativism, secularization, detraditionalization and the loss of identity, and growing concerns for ecology and the care of the earth. The scale of these many issues is contributing to a loss of the sense of agency and a growing gap between rich and poor … read more…

Regional reports

Basic information about the state of Catholic theology in regions around the world is widely unknown and not easily available. In response to this situation, INSeCT is initiating a project inviting regional reports on the state of Catholic theology around the world.

African Catholic Theology

There is growing interest worldwide in the scholarly contributions of Catholic theologians from the various regions and academic settings in Africa. INSeCT is publishing short essays by Catholic theologians from Africa on doctrinal, moral, and practical topics.


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