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DaKaTeo Conference 2017

On Oct. 16 and 17, 2017, the Damdaming Katoliko sa Teolohiya (DaKaTeo) – Catholic Theological Society of the Philippine held a tribute-conference for their most senior members (in age and in theological works) on the theme: “Seeds and First Fruits: Contributions of Wisdom Figures of the Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines.”

The honorees are: Dr. Jimmy Aguilar Belita CM (laudatio – his thoughts and legacy presented by Dr. Danny Pilario CM), Dr. Jose Mario Francisco SJ (laudatio by Dr. Ruben Mendoza), Dr. Karl Gaspar CSsR (laudation by Dr. Randy Odchigue and represented by Dr. Victorino Cueto CSsR), Dr. Manuel Ginete CM (laudatio by Dr. Raul Pura CM and represented by Peter Solis CM), Amelia Vasquez RSCJ (laudatio by Dr. Tessa Rosana), Ton Danenberg (laudatio by Dr. Rico Ponce O’Carm), Dr. Jose de Mesa (laudatio by Dr. Rebecca Cacho), Dr. Lode Wostyn CICM (laudatio by Dr. Dominador Bombangan Jr., read by Dr. Estela Padilla), and Dr. Corazon Manalo DC (laudatio by Dr. Mawel Pajarillo FSC, read by Dr. Rolando Tuazon CM).

A prayer-tribute by Dr. Agnes Brazall was also given to the late Georges de Schrijver SJ and Br. Andrew Gonzales FSC, two figures who gave inspiration and support to the founding of DaKaTeo in 2000 and 2002.

Dr. Dennis Gonzalez gave the welcome address and the open forums were moderated by Dr. Emmanuel S. de Guzman, Dr. Eric Genilo SJ, and Dr. Victorino Cueto CSsR. DaKaTeo also elected its new officers for 2017-2019: Dr. Ruben Mendoza, Dr. Levy Lanaria, Dr. Rolando Tuazon CM, and Dr. Rico Ponce O’Carm.

(By Emmanuel S. de Guzman)


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