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ESCT International Congress 2015

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Leuven, Belgium, September 17-20, 2015

Fifty years ago, the Second Vatican Council called the study of Sacred Scripture “the soul of theology” (DV 24), a claim few theologians would wish to dispute. Nevertheless, defining the concrete role Scripture plays or ought to play in theology is not undisputed. The next international conference of the European Society for Catholic Theology seeks to address this fundamental issue, viz. how the study of Scripture is or may become the soul of the different theological disciplines. Conversely, this raises the question what characteristics the Biblical exegesis should have in order to fulfill its role within theology. The study of these questions is inextricably related to fundamental issues on the nature of Scripture: how is scriptural inspiration to be understood, how should the historicity of biblical accounts be approached today, what is the relation between Scripture and revelation? These topics will receive due attention during the conference. Scripture does not have its primary setting in theological reflection; it is read, both individually and communally, by many people in widely varying contexts: in the liturgy, communal and individual prayer, personal reading, etc. The conference also wishes to reflect on what this setting of Scripture in the life of its readers and in the life of the Church means for exegesis and for theology at large.

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