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INSeCT goes Facebook

INSeCT goes Facebook!


In order to inform on news about INSeCT, to exchange information on the activities of the THEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATIONS that are MEMBERS OF THE NETWORK and to share personal researches, publications, etc. we have created a facebook group of INSeCT:

This platform is dedicated to sharing resources, blogs, posts, writings, questions, and discussions to support each other in engaging the International Networking of Societies for Catholic Theology.

Who can join the group?

  1. the members of the steering committee of INSeCT

  2. the presidents of the Catholic Theological Societies that are members of INSeCT

  3. the INSeCT-delegates of the societies that are members of INSeCT

  4. members of the societies that are members of INSeCT

Do you belong to one of these groups? So join the INSeCT facebook group!

Please note: Any new member has to be approved by the admin.


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