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Proceedings of the International ESCT Congress 2013

God in Question. Religious Language and Secular Languages


Martin M. Lintner (ed.): God in Question. Religious language and secular languages With a Foreword by Peter Hünermann Verlag A. Weger: Brixen/Bressanone 2014, soft cover, 560 pages, EUR 39.00 ISBN 978-88-6563-121-8

Today’s Europe is often portrayed as a secular continent. In many ways secularization and religious indifference characterise public life. At the same time we also observe signs of a “return to religion”. Many people set out on a deliberate search for spiritual meaning and engage seriously with religious traditions. This book focuses on the dialogue between believers, searchers, and unbelievers.

The authors from various European countries are mostly theologians but also representatives from the fields of religious studies, philosophy, modern art, literature, architecture, journalism, and politics. They bring different areas together in conversation and face the challenge on how the Christian message can be made intelligible and attractive to people today, and so play a positive part in the social, cultural and political shape of Europe.

The quite large number of contributions is due to the aim to offer especially to emerging scholars the possibility to make themselves known to a wider public at an international level. The volume uses four languages: the original English, German, French and Italian. Each contribution is preceded by an abstract in the other languages.

“It is gratifying to see how younger and older theologians from East and West, from diverse cultures and environments work and reflect together. Their goal is to mediate an up-to-date, witnessing God-speech through the numerous established and institutionally anchored languages that belong to our modern secular world and in their diversity contain approaches to the highly complex correlations that make up our global world. The present volume and the contributions within clearly demonstrate how theologians are striving in ingenious ways to fulfil their essential task, which is to serve theology.” (Peter Hünermann)


Christoph J. AMOR (I), José Pedro ANGÉLICO (PT), Claudiu Teodor ARIEŞAN (RO), Antonio ASCIONE (I), Christian BAUER (A), Marcel S. BODEA (RO), Frank G. BOSMAN (NL), Stephen BULLIVANT (GB), Veronika BURZ-TROPPER (A), Ângelo CARDITA (PT/ CA), Christian CEBULJ (CH), Marco DAL CORSO (I), Franz FISCHLER (A), Christiane FLORIN (D), Bruno FORTE (I), Konrad GLOMBIK (PL), Judith GRUBER (A/USA), Salvatore GIULIANO (I), Tomáš HALÍK (CZ), Nadine HAEPKE (D), Marianne HEIMBACH-STEINS (D), Michal KAPLANEK (CZ), Eduard KRUMPOLC (CZ), Michael KUHN (A/B), András MÁTÉ-TÓTH (HU), Mirosław MEJZNER (PL), Markus MOLING (I), Dominik OPATRNÝ (CZ), Leonardo PARIS (I), Ricardo M. PÉREZ MÁRQUEZ (I), Elisabeth PERNKOPF (A), Didier POLLEFEYT (B), Letizia RAGAGLIA (I), Willibald SANDLER (A), Stefano SENALDI (I), Georg STEINS (D), Arnold STIGLMAIR (I), Inocent-Mária V. SZANISZLÓ (SK), Paul VALADIER (FR), Margit WASMAIER-SAILER (D), Claudia Mariéle WULF (CH), Paul WESS (A), Davide ZORDAN (I)


Martin M. LINTNER, born in 1972, Professor of Theological Ethics at the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule in Brixen/ Bressanone, South Tyrol (Italy); President of ESCT (European Society for Catholic Theology) and INSeCT (International Net-work of Societies for Catholic Theology)

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