Research Projects 

INSeCT regularly launches three-year Global Research Projects. INSeCT members collaboratively research an area of current importance and impact. Here you can find the current project and outcomes of previous projects.

The current project being undertaken by INSeCT is:
"A Kairos for Catholic Theology: Serving the Church, Serving the World”

A Question of Gender Justice:

Today’s global challenges – poverty, violence, war, ecological disasters, and human rights violations resulting from ethnic, religious, and gender discrimination – all especially affect women. Gender issues, therefore, require the special attention of the church and all disciplines of theology. INSeCT wants to take up the call of Pope Francis who, in Evangelii Gaudium (nos. 103-104), urged theologians to contribute to an up-to-date theology of women.

The role of women in decision-making in different areas of church and society

Previous Projects

Redeeming Power: Overcoming Abuse in Church and Society

We are exploring, in a constructive manner, ways in which abuses of power – whether individual or collective – may be overcome and prevented in the future. While the scope of the project is intentionally broad (eg including abuse in families, the media, and politics), the sexual abuse crisis in the Church naturally forms a major focus.

The nature, function and location of theology, with particular attention to the power of theology to overcome power abuse in Church and Society’.