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1996-2002: Minutes and Meetings

First Steering Committee 1996-2002


President: Peter Hünermann (ESCT/ Germany)

Vice-Presidents:  Anne Patrick (CTSA / USA) and Mario Fabri Anjos (SOTER / Brasil)

In January 1996 Peter Hünermann, from the University of Tübingen, invited representatives of Catholic Theological Societies around the world to gather to discuss the possibilities for fostering greater communication among Catholic theologians around the world in order to advance the work of Catholic theology.

In response to this invitation, a gathering of theologians took place in conjunction with the assembly of the Conference of Catholic Theological Institutions (COCTI), a group composed of deans of Catholic theological schools, at Sherbrooke University, Québec, Canada, held 1-6 August 1996.

On 4 August 1996 the International Network of Societies of Catholic Theology (INSeCT) was founded and statutes were drafted and agreed upon by Hünermann, Mário Fabri dos Anjos (Sociedade de Teologia e Ciências de Religio, SOTER, Sao Paul, Brazil), Paul G. Crowley, S.J. (Catholic Theological Society of America, CTSA), Carlos Maria Galli (Sociedad Argentina de Teologia, SAT), Meinrad Hegba (Association Oecumenique des Theologiens Africaines, AOTA), Christian Johansson (Sociedad Chilena de Teologia), Anne E. Patrick SNJM (Catholic Theological Society of America, CTSA), Nico Schreurs (Europäische Gesellschaft für katholische Theologie, ESCT), Ignacio Mader Vargas, SDS (Associacion de teologos koinonia, Bogata, Columbia). This assembly de facto constituted the first Network Council, with representatives from member societies.

Elected as the founding officers for three year terms at this meeting were Peter Hünermann (president) and Mário Fabri dos Anjos and Anne E. Patrick (vice-presidents).


.Minutes of Steering Committee

Steering Committee Meetings

  1. 1997 in Minneapolis (hosted by CTSA)

  2. 1998 in Nijmegen (hosted by ESCT)

  3. 2000 in San José, CA (hosted by CTSA)

  4. 2001 in Graz (hosted by ESCT) .

Network Council Meetings

  1. 1996 in Sherbrooke, Quebec (hosted by COCTI)

  2. 1999 in Leuven (hosted by COCTI)

  3. 2002 in New Orleans (hostet by CTSA)

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