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IFCU Centenary Event: INSeCT's VP Prof. Judith Gruber's Audience with Pope Francis

To commemorate its centennary, the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) hosted an international conference on "The University and the Church: The Future of the Catholic University". The meeting took place at Università LUMSA (Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta) on January 18-19, 2024. This landmark event drew representatives from over 225 Catholic higher education institutions worldwide to engage in discussions about the contemporary role and future of Catholic universities. These discussions focused on governance, the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, and the broader mission of Catholic education in today’s global context. This event was a significant opportunity for leaders in Catholic education to reflect on their institutions' enduring values while considering their future direction in a rapidly changing world.


A highlight of the event was an audience with Pope Francis, who provided a thought-provoking address on the essential role of Catholic universities in nurturing students' professional, personal, and spiritual lives. The Pope emphasized the importance of education that goes beyond academic achievement, advocating for the development of a deeper understanding of one's vocation and contribution to society. His remarks underscored the necessity of fostering an environment that encourages authentic existence and integrates individual contributions into the community's creative dynamics.


Prof. Judith Gruber, a research professor at KU Leuven, vice president of INSeCT, and a representative for European societies within INSeCT, was among the attendees and was able to inform Pope Francis about INSeCT’ mission and vision.


For additional insights and to experience the conference's highlights, including the audience with Pope Francis, viewers are encouraged to visit the official IFCU YouTube channel. Detailed information on Pope Francis's address and other event-related content can be accessed on the Holy See's website.

Photos Courtesy of Vatican Media


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