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“Catholic Theology Worldwide” – Regional reports 2017


by Nancy Pineda-Madrid, Ph.D., former Vice President of INSeCT

The 2017 Network Council Meeting participants, most of whom are presidents of their Catholic societies from around the world, wrote the regional reports contained herein. I asked each one for a 2–3 page report on the state of theology in their region or country. As is the custom at INSeCT’s Network Council Meetings, authors will present their report orally in panel presentations. At this meeting, Network Council Meeting participants will then have a presentation and conversation with members of the faculty and student body of the Indian Catholic Community at Dharmaram College.

The purpose of these reports is to provide a glimpse of the state of Catholic theology from around the globe. They address concerns of a given region and/or country, and its understanding of the role of theology in the life of the church, academy and/or society. Since INSeCT operates in three languages – that is, English, Spanish, and French – the reports herein appear in one of these three languages. These reports offer a response to one or more of the following three questions.

  1. How was the 50th anniversary of Vatican II acknowledged in the theological and/or ecclesial community in your region and/or country?

  2. As you think about the coming decades, what do you foresee as a significant opportunity for the development of theology in your region and/or country?

  3. As you think about the coming decades, what do you foresee as a significant threat to the development of theology in your region and/or country?

Most of the authors of these reports wrote on behalf of their Catholic theological society, yet some reports were written to reflect the perspective of a given author and not that of a particular theological society.

I grouped these reports first by continent and then alphabetically by the author’s last name. This regional reports document was created with the assistance of the president of INSeCT Dr. Martin M. Lintner, and with the assistance of Dr. Shaji George Kochuthara, Associate Professor of Theology at Dharmaram College is serving as our host in Bangalore, India. Thank you as well to Mr. Jack Nuelle, a graduate student at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry, for his technical assistance.

  1. Countries of Origin of the Delegates at the INSeCT Council Meeting 2017


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